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Welcome to Bread, Butter, and Bacon! My name is Arash and I’ll be your culinary guide through this journey, where both you and I get to experience what sort of things are safe to eat, easy to make, and taste good. Unlike other blogs where you get a recipe and  see a perfect final product, I will be sharing both my successes and failures when cooking up some crazy things. In short, we’re literally going to “wing-it” by trying recipes together.

A little about me: I’m an obese person stuck in a skinny man’s body and one of my favourite past times – apart from making food – is eating it. I don’t like recipes because I don’t believe that every dish can be quantified into definitive amounts of ingredients to taste good, which is probably why I’m also useless at baking.

My partner in crime in the kitchen is the beautiful Sumedha. Sumedha and I do not eat the same foods as each other, which is why oftentimes I will include a “healthy” alternative to my recipes – for those that don’t have the metabolism of a marathon runner like myself. Sumedha is in charge of taste testing and making things looks pretty. She also does very good live narrations of what’s going on in the kitchen, but you’ll never get to hear that.

“In short, we’re literally going to ‘wing-it’ by trying recipes together.”

As you will notice from my posts, my cooking is heavily influenced by Persian, Indian, and Canadian cuisine. I try to make my recipes as original and exciting as possible, but when laziness prevails I may just make something easy and call it a day. I usually get really creative when it’s either late at night, I’ve gone shopping the day of, or when I’m really, really hungry. When creativity strikes, however, it’s a blast.

Apart from cooking original meals that go well with free health care, I will also be working on a healthy section where I get to show off some flavourful, yet healthy recipes. That section will be for people like Sumedha that do not blindly consume anything that smells remotely like bacon, like me.

Lastly, I will also be reviewing the odd meal that I buy in a restaurant or food-cart, for the ultra-lazy audience that just likes to look at pretty pictures (you know who you are). I’ll be providing an honest opinion on the taste and possibly a quick write-up on how you can recreate it yourself on the cheap.

Anyways, have a look through the site and share your comments. If you have any question, give me a shout and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m done chewing.



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