A ‘Sui Generis’ kind of Lunch

A ‘Sui Generis’ kind of Lunch

Law school has finally started and it’s been nothing short of amazing. For the first week we’ve been wined and dined like superstars and have consumed alcohol as though it was our legal obligation to do so. That was first week though, and the only thing we’re being served from this point onward is the occasional pizza (if we’re lucky), otherwise plate after plate of homework.

Homework isn’t always bad, though, in fact 100% of the homework I’m assigned results in elaborate 4-5 course meals that waste a minimum of 3 hours time. While I was under the impression that I had left that habit behind when I got my bachelors, it’s slowly creeping its way back into my life, which is why I’m writing about it now.

So what sets the food I make under normal conditions apart from stress cooking? Well, for one thing I’m never hungry when I stress cook – I’m usually divinely inspired to waste as much time as I can. Second, stress food is never for immediate consumption and is generally food I prepare to taste good when cold and easy to take to school with me. So technically its not a wasted effort – or so I tell myself.

So what’s this post all about? I’ll be deviating from my usual schedule of cooking incredibly stupid meals that will eventually kill you, to sharing some more sensible (and admittedly more nutritious) options for those that go to work or school. That’s not to say that my food will be boring, it might just not be as entertaining.

And to kick off this new chapter of my blog, I’ll just casually share my most recent lunch that took a mere 3 hours, 60 pages, and 2 naps to make. I present to you:

Pollo Empanado con Papas, Frijoles y Arroz

2014-09-07 20.34.22For those unfamiliar with Google Translate or highschool, this roughly translates to breaded chicken with potatoes, beans, and rice.

Although this time around I didn’t take pictures of how I made it, mostly because half my ingredients were repurposed leftovers, I will be posting something similar to this next week so you can expect to learn it then. Meanwhile I have a bison steak in my fridge that will show up on here soon, so stay tuned for that.

Enjoy the eye-candy and if you’re ever out of ideas for lunch – simply check back and see what’s cooking. Most of the food here will be easy enough to make in jiffy.

2014-09-07 20.27.00Breaded chicken on a base of rice and refried beans.2014-09-07 20.28.23 Add some organic carrots and cooked spinach.2014-09-07 20.28.58 Drizzle it with some balsamic vinegar.2014-09-07 20.34.22And as a side I boiled up some potatoes and sprinkled them.


  • shahrooz September 8, 2014 Reply

    Looks very good, I hope it tastes good too.

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