2014 May

Bacon Pancakes

It doesn’t happen very often that I wake up and feel the need to have breakfast. Maybe it’s my metabolism, or maybe it’s because I’m extraordinarily lazy during mornings, but breakfast is a meal that I will gladly replace with an early lunch (or two) any day. So when I do make myself real breakfast […]

Making Fresh Pasta Noodles

Although a lot of people may argue otherwise, I actually try to maintain a balanced and healthy diet when I’m not making posts for this blog. While balanced and healthy may not exactly mean eating salad everyday, I do try to avoid going to restaurants and getting ready-made grocery store food at every opportunity I […]

Chicken Bacon (Sex &) Fessenjoon

The ladies and gentlemen over at Sex & Fessenjoon recently picked up on my Ghormeh Sabzi Sushi and they positively loved the idea, so much so that they suggested I make a Fessenjoon Fusion dish just for them. If you’re not Persian, which is impossible because everybody is a little Persian on the inside, you’ve […]

Why you shouldn’t make Pie: A Rant

Before I start this post, let’s make something perfectly clear: baking is witchcraft, and witches should be burned at the stake. No exceptions. When I first started this blog, I jokingly wrote that I’d share both my successes and failures with my audience. I never actually intended to share my failures, until I made the pie […]

Review: Python Fillet

Every so often I like to remind myself that I’m an apex predator, a creature so ferocious that it kills and eats anything in its path. Like all other apex predators, I like to pick up the most exotic type of meat at my local supermarket and pretend I caught it with my own two […]

Fancy-Ass New York Cheesecake

I know what you’re thinking right now – why did I call this a “fancy-ass cheesecake”. I’ll tell you why. In my world, there are two kinds of food: the first kind is one that tastes good, requires little work, and is generally very easy and fast to make. It doesn’t necessarily have to be […]


Currywurst needs no introduction, but to pay tribute to this amazing fast food, I will provide one anyways. If you ever find yourself in Berlin and you’ve purchased great travel insurance that you want to take full advantage of, Currywurst is the food for you. Served traditionally from food-carts or small Imbiss huts in Berlin, […]

Bacon-Wrapped Leg of Lamb

If you’ve ever been to Costco, you’ll know that it’s the equivalent of the Playboy Mansion for foodies. It has everything delicious and convenient to eat – in bulk. So obviously it’s a place I try to avoid as much as I can, especially since I end up buying over $200 worth of meat every […]