2014 March

Hamburger Sushi

It seems like we’re spinning in circles with all the recipes either involving burgers, sushi, or pizza. But why find new ingredients to cook with when we haven’t yet exhausted all the possible variations of the foods we like best, right? Right? Hamburger Sushi Anyways, this time I’m cooking out of the sunny (and sandy) […]

Review: Emirates Plane Food

Emirates Airlines has a reputation for high quality service, a fleet of brand-spanking new planes, and of course, good food. On my recent journey from Vancouver to Dubai via Seattle, I thought I’d look at my food a little more closely and give my honest, unadulterated opinion of it. Although we were served 3 meals, […]

Taco and Chicken Korma Scoops

At this point you may be wondering why every time I make some cool, normal sounding food, there’s also some odd brown food made with it. First off, that’s apparently called ‘fusion’ cuisine, so get with the times. Even the British Military uses Tikka Masala in their ration packs, so it’s not too far fetched […]

Review: Tofurkey

Whenever I go out shopping for groceries, I like to get myself one food item that I would not ordinarily get and try it out. Sometimes it’s duck, other times it’s crocodile steak, this time is was Tofurky. When it comes to tofu products, I generally shy away because they taste disgusting to me. The […]

Pull Apart Party Loaf Bacon BBQ Burger

Pull Apart Party Loaf Bacon BBQ Burger. That’s a mouthful to say (and eat) as you’ll see below. I was inspired to make this monstrosity after wasting time on Pinterest and getting my weekly fix of Epic Meal Time. Thing is, I watch shows like Epic Meal Time and I think to myself, heck, I […]

Grilled Cheese BBQ Burger

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome when making this blog was taking good, appetizing pictures. I love taking pictures, and I’m good at it anywhere outside of the kitchen. But when I’m making food, I hate any and all distractions (this excludes Sumedha, alcohol, and music).