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Restaurant Style Tempura Battered Beef Strips

Restaurant Style Tempura Battered Beef Strips It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I feel that writing this now, I’m doing more of a confession than a really good recipe. But I write the rules here so this time it’s going to be both. As many of you may not know (nor care very […]

Making Fresh Pasta Noodles

Although a lot of people may argue otherwise, I actually try to maintain a balanced and healthy diet when I’m not making posts for this blog. While balanced and healthy may not exactly mean eating salad everyday, I do try to avoid going to restaurants and getting ready-made grocery store food at every opportunity I […]

Review: Camel Burgers

Well, I’m globetrotting again and this time I’ve ended up in Sharjah. I was in Tehran only a week ago trying traditional foods like boiled lamb head/tongue/brains and chicken liver/heart for the first time, but what I had here really tops my charts in terms of exotic meats. In the past I’ve prepared and eaten […]

Taco and Chicken Korma Scoops

At this point you may be wondering why every time I make some cool, normal sounding food, there’s also some odd brown food made with it. First off, that’s apparently called ‘fusion’ cuisine, so get with the times. Even the British Military uses Tikka Masala in their ration packs, so it’s not too far fetched […]

Review: Tofurkey

Whenever I go out shopping for groceries, I like to get myself one food item that I would not ordinarily get and try it out. Sometimes it’s duck, other times it’s crocodile steak, this time is was Tofurky. When it comes to tofu products, I generally shy away because they taste disgusting to me. The […]