Review: Treats from New Orleans

Review: Treats from New Orleans Nobody said that law school is going to be an easy gig, but nothing could have prepared me for the shitstorm I faced when the first round of exams rolled out in October. I mean, you know it’s bad when they let you take in a cheat-sheet and you still […]

Review: Turkey Bacon

Review: Turkey Bacon As a species, we have come a long way from beating rocks against each other in order to create fire. Space travel, instant noodles, and online piracy are only a few examples that showcase our ingenuity as a species and our devotion to progressing forward. There is, however, the odd time when […]

Chicken Bacon (Sex &) Fessenjoon

The ladies and gentlemen over at Sex & Fessenjoon recently picked up on my Ghormeh Sabzi Sushi and they positively loved the idea, so much so that they suggested I make a Fessenjoon Fusion dish just for them. If you’re not Persian, which is impossible because everybody is a little Persian on the inside, you’ve […]

Review: Python Fillet

Every so often I like to remind myself that I’m an apex predator, a creature so ferocious that it kills and eats anything in its path. Like all other apex predators, I like to pick up the most exotic type of meat at my local supermarket and pretend I caught it with my own two […]

Review: Camel Burgers

Well, I’m globetrotting again and this time I’ve ended up in Sharjah. I was in Tehran only a week ago trying traditional foods like boiled lamb head/tongue/brains and chicken liver/heart for the first time, but what I had here really tops my charts in terms of exotic meats. In the past I’ve prepared and eaten […]

Review: Emirates Plane Food

Emirates Airlines has a reputation for high quality service, a fleet of brand-spanking new planes, and of course, good food. On my recent journey from Vancouver to Dubai via Seattle, I thought I’d look at my food a little more closely and give my honest, unadulterated opinion of it. Although we were served 3 meals, […]

Review: Tofurkey

Whenever I go out shopping for groceries, I like to get myself one food item that I would not ordinarily get and try it out. Sometimes it’s duck, other times it’s crocodile steak, this time is was Tofurky. When it comes to tofu products, I generally shy away because they taste disgusting to me. The […]