My Beef (With Politics) Sourdough – A Cautionary Tale Easy-Peasy Chicken Wings Opinion: Cancer Bacon Easy Guacamole

My Beef (With Politics)

Since US politics are pervasively leeching into literally every part of my life, starting with my news, my social media, my daily conversations and more recently my very identity, it’s hard to keep this blog just about food anymore, especially since there won’t be any left after Donald Trump nukes the next country whose leader […]

Sourdough – A Cautionary Tale

Sourdough – A Cautionary Tale Unfortunately for me, I’m a very impressionable person when it comes to any sort of advertisement. For example, I recently watched “The Martian” and I realized that if Matt Damon can grow potatoes on Mars using his own feces, then I can grow anything using store-bought feces, so I bought […]

Easy-Peasy Chicken Wings

Easy-Peasy Chicken Wings Pizza is by far one of the most versatile foods in existence. Enjoyed fresh, it’s the perfect substitute for a real lunch or a real dinner. Served cold, it makes up for breakfast or any other occasion for which you are too lazy to put pants on. Pizza even caters to those […]

Opinion: Cancer Bacon

Unless you’re a hermit and have not yet heard, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) met last week and released an article on the Carcinogenicity of consumption of red and processed meat, or as most of Facebook puts it the “bacon gives you cancer” article. The title of the article

Easy Guacamole

Introducción (that’s Spanish for hello) There’s a time in everybody’s life where they hit up a grocery store and buy a butt-load of avocados, only to take them home and forget about them until they’re almost too ripe/rotten to be used. That happens to me about every second week or so. With necessity being the […]

Apple Roses: A Rant

Apple Roses: A Rant If you’re the kind of person that literally only eats with their eyes, meaning that you love looking at food pictures more then actually trying out the recipes yourself, then chances are that you derive your satisfaction not from making the food you see online, but simply by seeing it. So, […]

Giant Pierogi

Before I even start this post on how to make home-made pierogi, I think it’s appropriate to get a couple of housekeeping items out of the way: first off, a year has passed since I first posted an abomination of a recipe on my site, and at this point in time I feel disgusted with […]

Butter Chicken Pizza

Oh how the tables have turned – I can honestly say that I don’t remember the last time I had a proper home-cooked meal and I feel absolutely disgusting thinking about all the nasty stuff I’ve eaten for the past couple of weeks. Looking back at some of those repressed memories,

Review: Treats from New Orleans

Review: Treats from New Orleans Nobody said that law school is going to be an easy gig, but nothing could have prepared me for the shitstorm I faced when the first round of exams rolled out in October. I mean, you know it’s bad when they let you take in a cheat-sheet and you still […]

Review: Turkey Bacon

Review: Turkey Bacon As a species, we have come a long way from beating rocks against each other in order to create fire. Space travel, instant noodles, and online piracy are only a few examples that showcase our ingenuity as a species and our devotion to progressing forward. There is, however, the odd time when […]

Bacon-bit Cookies

Bacon-bit Cookies There are very few things in this world that would voluntarily make me want to bake something. I do occasionally slip up and make the odd loaf of banana bread or cheesecake, but those don’t count as baking as they require very little skill and few ingredients. Having to read 60 pages of […]

Making Canned Bread

Canned Bread Making food on a daily basis is a struggle few people still living at home can or will understand. Preparing food doesn’t just consist of whipping together things you have in the fridge and pantry, it’s so much more than that. Someone has to actually go to the grocery store, have a basic […]

Keurig 2.0: A Rant

Keurig 2.0: A Rant If you go to a coffee shop long enough, chances are that the people behind the counter start recognizing you and ultimately get to know your favourite drink(s) by heart. To be fair, it’s not that hard remembering a face and associating a drink with it, especially when you have a […]

Teriyaki Chicken with Bacon, Potatoes, Spinach and Carrots

Teriyaki Chicken with Bacon, Potatoes, Spinach and Carrots Going back to school has been a surreal experience: you not only need to wake up at ungodly hours, look somewhat presentable, and shave and shower daily, you also have to function properly and behave as though you know what’s up. These are skills that I haven’t […]

A ‘Sui Generis’ kind of Lunch

A ‘Sui Generis’ kind of Lunch Law school has finally started and it’s been nothing short of amazing. For the first week we’ve been wined and dined like superstars and have consumed alcohol as though it was our legal obligation to do so. That was first week though, and the only thing we’re being served […]

Restaurant Style Tempura Battered Beef Strips

Restaurant Style Tempura Battered Beef Strips It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I feel that writing this now, I’m doing more of a confession than a really good recipe. But I write the rules here so this time it’s going to be both. As many of you may not know (nor care very […]

4th of July Special: Japadog

You don’t have to be a baseball enthusiast, culinary critic, or a morbidly obese person to realize that hot-dogs are truly an all-American favourite – especially on the 4th of July. Nothing spells freedom and democracy better than biting into a big, juicy stick of mystery meat not because you have to, but because you […]

Bacon Pancakes

It doesn’t happen very often that I wake up and feel the need to have breakfast. Maybe it’s my metabolism, or maybe it’s because I’m extraordinarily lazy during mornings, but breakfast is a meal that I will gladly replace with an early lunch (or two) any day. So when I do make myself real breakfast […]